The Minister of Immigration accompanies 50 Medsy members to the Grand Egyptian Museum

Ambassador Soha Gendy, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, paid a visit to the Grand Egyptian Museum, accompanied by 50 young members of the Ministry of Immigration Center for Egyptian Students and Researchers Abroad (MEDCY), as part of the Ministry’s strategy to introduce Egyptians abroad to the achievements of the Egyptian state to preserve our heritage and civilization.

An inspection tour inside the museum

The Minister of Immigration, accompanied by the youth, made an inspection tour inside the corridors of the museum, during which they listened to a full explanation of the stages of establishing the museum, its holdings and its pillars, from a group of the most skilled guides inside the museum.

For her part, the Minister appreciated the keenness of those in charge of the Grand Egyptian Museum to highlight our heritage and the eternal Egyptian antiquities in impressive ways that highlight the greatness of ancient Egyptian art, its leadership and its care for every detail.

Ambassador Suha Jundi stressed that this visit links the past and the present and opens our eyes to the future with all that is in it, to confirm the slogan that we are a country that came first and then history came, and that the only way to leave a mark is to leave behind science and knowledge that benefits humanity, adding: “The more we learn, the more we become We have a greater value, and Egypt is waiting for every sincere effort from its people to pave our way to the future.”

The greatest achievements of modern Egypt

The Minister of Immigration also expressed her happiness with this great edifice, explaining that it is a global civilizational, cultural and entertainment edifice. It is one of the most important and greatest achievements of modern Egypt, and it was established to be the first destination for everyone interested in the history of ancient Egyptian civilization.

The Minister sent a message to the youth, stating that Egypt is keen on its youth, and therefore we organize these visits to raise awareness and respond to rumors and misconceptions, stressing that Egypt is making tremendous efforts for development in all parts of the country, and building a strong modern renaissance that mimics the latest international specifications, and despite that we are keen Also on our cultural heritage, taking care of Egyptian antiquities and launching a number of modern museums, including the Civilizations Museum, the Grand Egyptian Museum, and other international museums.

Ambassador Soha Gendi added that the ancient Egyptian civilization is a source of pride for every Egyptian at home and abroad, and is a good example of the ability of Egyptians throughout different ages to build, rebuild and develop, and to challenge the odds in return for building their state in the best possible way.

For their part, the youth expressed their pride in what our ancient Egyptian ancestors left of artistic miracles and invaluable heritage, praising the museum’s rare and important artifacts. After its official opening, they promised to promote it among their friends and the international universities in which they study.

It is noteworthy that the Grand Egyptian Museum includes a journey in the history of Egypt from the prehistoric era until the Greek and Roman era, including thousands of years of civilizations and history that followed on the land of Egypt, and remained a witness to the tolerance of the Egyptian people and their coexistence with various languages ​​and nationalities of the world, so that the Egyptian character remains unique and leaves Its imprint on everyone who passed through the great land of Egypt.

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