The Minister of Irrigation is following up the preparation procedures for the upcoming torrential rain season

Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, received a report reviewing the ministry’s procedures to prepare for the upcoming season of torrential rains.

Monitor the amounts and locations of precipitation

Dr. Swailem stated that the Ministry’s Forecasting Center monitors the quantities and locations of precipitation three days before they occur, as this data is provided immediately through a WhatsApp group in which all ministries, governorates and concerned authorities participate so that all parties can take the necessary proactive measures to deal with heavy rains and torrential rains. The ministry lowers the water levels in canals and drains in areas where the forecast indicates heavy rains, so that the waterways network can absorb additional amounts of water, in conjunction with continuous monitoring of the readiness of lifting stations and emergency units to deal with any water congestion.

The center also conducts a number of studies related to forecasting long-term climate changes, according to the scenarios issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Dr. Swailem directed the continuation of work on updating the mathematical models used in rain forecasting to achieve continuous monitoring of the climatic condition, in a way that enables decision makers to take the appropriate decision that achieves optimal management of water resources.

Implementation of 1,470 facilities to protect citizens and facilities

Dr. Swailem added that many protection works against the dangers of torrential rains have been and are being implemented in Egypt, as nearly 1,470 facilities have been established to protect citizens and facilities, in addition to harvesting rain and torrential waters, reflecting the interest of the Egyptian state in this important file, in light of what Egypt and the world are facing. Climate change negatively affects the water sector.

In addition to these measures, the Ministry takes seasonal measures, represented by the Ministry’s concerned agencies conducting periodic passage of 117 torrent outlets, and immediately dealing with any encroachments on the channels of these outlets and removing them to preserve the flood water drainage network without the presence of any obstacles or backfilling due to the seriousness of the existence of such obstacles. In the gathering of torrential waters in front of it, which leads to a rise in the water level in the backyard, and causes the surrounding lands to drown, which represents an imminent danger to citizens and facilities.

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