The Minister of Irrigation listens to the requests and problems of farmers in Dakahlia

Within the framework of his visit yesterday, Saturday, to Dakahlia Governorate, Dr. Hani Swailem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, met with a number of deputies, beneficiaries, and heads of water user associations.

Dr. Swailem met with Representative Hisham Al-Hosari, Chairman of the Agriculture and Irrigation Committee in the House of Representatives, Representative Reda Ghazi, Representative Mahmoud Al-Azab, Representative Makram Radwan, Representative Khaled Haddad, Representative Waheed Foda, Representative Waheed Qarqar, Representative Fayek Al-Zaki, Representative Mr. Jawhar, members of the House of Representatives, and Representative Tharwath Fath Al-Bab, Representative Tariq Abdel-Hadi, Representative Reda Al-Shafi’i, members of the Senate, Ezzeddine Kamel, director of the Export Development Authority, and Hamdi Hassan, Secretary of the Farmers of the Mostaqbal Watan Party.

efforts of the Ministry of Irrigation

During the meeting, Dr. Swailem referred to the efforts made by the Ministry’s agencies to improve the water management process and ensure water access to all beneficiaries, especially during the summer season of 2023, despite the unprecedented rise in temperatures, and the resulting significant increase in water uses.

He pointed out that a plan has been drawn up to deal with the winter season 2023 and the summer season 2024 to ensure that the water needs of beneficiaries in all governorates are met.

Representatives and farmers expressed their appreciation for the ministry’s efforts to confront the heat wave in the past summer, and in dealing with the unprecedented increase in demand for water.

During the meeting with the deputies, a number of requests related to water management in the Dakahlia Governorate were discussed, which included requests to provide emergency lift stations in a number of hot spots in the governorate, maintenance of the covered drainage in one of the lands, and the erection of walls on the sides of the canals to protect citizens, especially children, and the transfer of administrative supervision to a number of Plots of lands owned by the Ministry to establish public benefit projects on them when the need for these lands is no longer needed for irrigation purposes.

Dr. Swailem also met with a number of beneficiaries and heads of associations, where he listened to their requests and suggestions regarding requests for purifying some private canals and waterways and removing encroachments on some waterways. Governorate.

Dr. Swailem listened to all requests and proposals from deputies, beneficiaries, and heads of associations, directing the leadership of the ministry and the irrigation agencies in the governorate to deal immediately with these requests, study them, and work to resolve them as soon as possible, stressing the continuation of field follow-up by the ministry’s agencies in preserving the water situation on nature and removing encroachments on canals. Watering cans and disinfected them when needed to ensure the supply of irrigation water to farmers at the required times and to resolve their complaints.

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