The Minister of Labor inspects the National Center for Occupational Safety and Health and directs the speedy completion of the development

Today, Thursday, Minister of Labor Hassan Shehata visited the National Center for Studies of Occupational Safety and Health and Securing the Work Environment, in Hegaz Square, Heliopolis, to follow up on the development of the infrastructure and the main gate of the center, and to find out about the latest developments in the development process and work progress.

The minister directed the development of the workshops in the center to establish modern, advanced and environmentally friendly training laboratories, powered by solar energy, and to establish language laboratories, workshops for sewing and detailing professions, artificial intelligence, computer maintenance, mobile and solar energy, refrigeration and air conditioning, etc., and that the center development plan be approved to be His certifications are internationally accredited.

He also directed that the workshops and laboratories be equipped with the necessary capabilities, to be used in the tests of the joint vocational examination programs with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.. During his tour, Minister Shehata directed the speedy completion of the training workshops and their preparation to be ready to receive the trainees as soon as possible in accordance with the necessary standards and requirements, and to provide the equipment and tools designated for that. In accordance with the latest international standards in this field, in addition to the work of a new warehouse unit attached to the center.

Ashraf Marzouk, Assistant Minister and General Supervisor of the National Center for Safety, received the minister at the beginning of his tour, stressing that work is underway and continuing to implement the directives, for the speedy completion of laboratories and training workshops according to the plan set, at the specified times, in order to activate the role of the center in assisting facilities of all kinds. Its levels in studying occupational safety and health problems and securing the work environment, finding appropriate solutions to it, providing services, technical and training support in the fields of occupational safety and health and securing the work environment, preparing engineering, laboratory and clinical environmental research, organizing internal and external training courses, and setting central plans for research and studies in this field. Fields and follow up on their implementation in coordination with the concerned agencies of the Ministry of Labor to ensure the advancement of the level of occupational safety and health, secure the work environment, and protect the human and material elements of production.

He also pointed out that the National Center conducted various environmental measurements of risks within the work environment through the center’s specialized laboratories and a distinguished group of researchers.

During his tour, the minister was accompanied by Eng. Wael Abdel Sabour, Director General of the General Administration for Vocational Training Centers Affairs at the Ministry, Ahmed Maarouf, Director of Public Relations and Protocol at the Ministry, Mona Fawzy, Head of the Central Research Department, Hajar Muhammad Mowafi, Secretary General of the Center, and a group of workers and specialists.

Labor Minister of the event

Labor Minister of the event

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