The Minister of Solidarity opens the newest branch of Nasser Bank in New Aswan

Nevine El-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nasser Social Bank, inaugurated the bank’s newest branch in the new city of Aswan, during her visit to Aswan Governorate.

Al-Qabbaj inspected the departments of the branch, and listened to a detailed explanation about the mechanism of its work and the services provided to customers.

The Minister of Social Solidarity confirmed that the opening of the branch in the new city of Aswan comes as a continuation of the bank’s expansion strategy and plans, which aim to increase the volume of business, expand the customer base and attract new segments, in line with financial inclusion plans, especially in the new cities to meet the banking needs of citizens and encourage them to Reconstructing these cities, by providing various and distinguished banking services through its separate branches.

It also aims to provide all financial services to the various segments of society and to contribute to development programs through the services it provides in financing small and medium enterprises, which helps in providing job opportunities, in addition to its role in alleviating the burdens on citizens through its excellence in community services and initiatives that distinguish it from other banks. .

“Al-Qabbaj” added that the new branch includes 4 floors “basement, 9th floor, first upper and second”, and it is the fifth branch in the governorate after the Aswan, Kom Ombo, Al-Busailiya and Edfu branches, and preparations are underway to open the Nasr Al-Nuba branch, explaining that the increasing demand of customers for the various services provided by the bank. This led to the need for the bank to open this new branch, with the aim of expanding the services provided to customers, and facilitating the provision of services provided to them and being present in the places of urban expansion.

Al-Qabbaj stated that the branch was equipped with equipment, furniture, and computers, commensurate with the legacy of the name of Nasser Social Bank and the services provided through it to citizens. The new branch was also provided with all modern equipment to ensure a distinguished level of service for the customer who finds all banking products and services available to him, in addition The branch is equipped with ATMs that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in addition to being equipped with screens to display the bank’s various products.

It is worth noting that Nasser Social Bank is unique in being the only social bank in Egypt and the Middle East, and it is distinguished by the spread of its branches throughout the Republic, as it has 99 branches, along with 28 banking units within Egyptian universities, in addition to starting to use mobile cars, in order to contribute to attracting More customers for the banking sector and facilitation for customers.

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