The Minister of State for Military Production follows up the financial and executive position of the projects implemented by Helwan Metal Equipment Company

Engineer Mohamed Salah El-Din Mustafa, Minister of State for Military Production, held a meeting to follow up the financial and executive position of a number of projects being implemented at Helwan Metal Hardware Company (Factory 360 Military), one of the companies affiliated with the ministry, and this came at the ministry’s general office in the new administrative capital.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister of State for Military Production stressed the need to develop a clear and specific vision and strategy for each company and unit of the affiliated bodies during the coming period aimed at creating aspects of development, in a manner appropriate to the nature of the work of each party and identifying ways to advance its production and marketing plans in the light of the studies that are done for files and projects. Which is implemented by each party, after that, Eng. Taha Jumaa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Helwan Metal Hardware Company, made a presentation during which he clarified the executive position of the various projects that the company participates in implementing (M / 360 Al-Harbi), in addition to reviewing the plans for future projects that it will undertake. The company aims to develop and increase the production process of typical products that have characterized the company since its inception, in order to achieve competitiveness in the Egyptian market and foreign markets.

During the meeting, Minister Mohamed Salah stressed the need to adhere to the implementation of the directives of the political leadership by maximizing the role of the local product and removing all obstacles that prevent an increase in manufacturing and production, especially after Egypt joined the BRICS group, which requires us to increase our manufacturing and production capabilities and move towards export strongly in support of for the Egyptian economy.

Completion of all projects on time

In turn, the media advisor to the Minister of State for Military Production and the ministry’s official spokesperson, Mr. Mohamed Eid Bakr, stated that Minister “Mohamed Salah” stressed during the meeting the need for Helwan Metal Hardware Company to complete all projects that it participates in implementing in the specified times and with the required quality according to the highest standards. .

The meeting was attended by Eng. Emile Helmy Elias Awad, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Authority for Military Production and Managing Director, Eng. Mohamed Sherine Mohamed, Supervisor of the Central Administration for the Affairs of the Minister’s Office, Eng. Taha Gomaa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Helwan Metal Hardware Company, and Eng. Mustafa Amer, Head of Sectors. The Authority’s technicians, Engineer/ Ashraf Helmy, Head of the Projects Sector, Accountant/ Amr Abdel Moneim, Head of the Financial and Economic Sectors of the Authority, Accountant/ Sayed Othman Al-Qortobi, Head of Marketing and Sales Sectors, and Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed, Head of Public Relations and Protocol Sector.

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