The Ministry of Agriculture is following up on the fields of cotton propagation and research programs in Kafr El-Sheikh

According to the directives of the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Mr. Al-Qaseer, under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Suleiman – Head of the Agricultural Research Center, summer crops, including the cotton crop, are monitored in the framework of multiplication follow-up to provide the best seeds selected in the quantities needed to cultivate all the targeted areas next year.

Dr. Abdel Nasser Radwan – Director of the Cotton Institute, accompanied by Dr. Walid Yahya – Deputy of the Cotton Institute for Production, Dr. Yasser Al-Mansi – Deputy of the Cotton Institute for Guidance and Training, Dr. Muhammad Ezzat – Head of the Research Department for Conservation of Cotton Varieties, and Dr. Najah Gharbia – Deputy of the Directorate of Agriculture in Kafr El-Sheikh passed by Propagation of the variety Super Giza 94 at the Bella Center in Kafr El-Sheikh, and they were received by Engineer / Ramadan Al-Qiblawy – Director of the Agricultural Department of Pella and Engineer Ibrahim Qassem – Director General of Agricultural Cooperation and the engineers of the ponds and agricultural associations affiliated to the center. Jaaliyah).

Radwan directed attention to follow-up on crops during the current period in light of the high temperatures, and the need to pay attention to irrigation and spraying potassium, which is one of the most important fertilizer elements during this period to increase the size of the tonsils and sedimentation of cellulose, in order to obtain the best spinning and technological qualities.

It was also directed to improve harvesting and to identify cotton collection centers, and that their numbers and locations be proportionate to the cultivated area to facilitate the farmers in the supply of cotton, in addition to alerting the necessity of passing and distributing the bags to the gentlemen farmers before harvesting in sufficient time.

The Director of the Institute also praised the efforts of the engineers of the agricultural societies, the agricultural extension workers, the purity engineers and the eradication of alien plants to reach the cultivated areas by propagation to that high degree of genetic purity and complete homogeneity between the plants.

The institute’s programs at Sakha Research Station and the production sector were also passed to follow up the progress of work in the breeding fields and the programs for breeding varieties and primary propagations, all of which are in excellent condition during this stage. The need for continuous follow-up and daily passage until the end of the season has been emphasized.

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