The Ministry of Agriculture issues a bulletin with technical recommendations for sugarcane growers

Today, Monday, the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation issued a bulletin with the most important technical recommendations that sugarcane farmers must observe during the month of August.

In its bulletin, the Ministry of Agriculture mentioned the most prominent of these recommendations, which are:

• Persistence and regular irrigation is one of the most important factors that help in obtaining a high yield.

• Beginning to prepare the land that will plant autumnal cane, which must take place during the month of September and the first half of October so that high rates of cultivation can be obtained. And planing is done at a rate of 7 to 8 lines in the two reeds.

• Monitoring the cane fields and their growth, and not securitizing the crop or fencing it, which some farmers resort to because of the great danger that this poses to the crop.

• Starting the process of tying up areas with strong growth so that the crop does not lie down and its quality decreases. This process is the most important process for the crop, as it not only affects its quality, but also affects the processes of breaking, supplying and shipping, which increases costs and reduces crop income and revenues.

• Continuing crop combing operations to discover any disease or insect phenomena and report them immediately, provided that only infected foci are controlled.

• Continuing contact with officials in the directorates of agriculture and the sugar company about the project to develop the productivity of the cane crop to include the areas to be cultivated in autumn within this project to benefit from its advantages that are given free of charge to farmers, including plowing under the soil, laser leveling and scattering agricultural gypsum.

• The continuation of the release of the parasite Trichogramma until mid-August to combat the borers.

• Benefiting from the equipment of the Heavy Agricultural Mechanization Company in plowing and processing the land.

• Take advantage of new varieties such as Giza 3, Giza 4 that are being published by the Sugar Crops Research Institute and the Agricultural Research Stations of the Sugar Company; To obtain other commercial items besides the only item 54 S9.

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