The Ministry of Education directs international schools to adhere to the prescribed expenses

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education confirmed the start of studies in international schools starting from the end of August 2023, provided that the Ministry is notified of the dates set by each school.

The ministry also emphasized saluting the flag, chanting the national anthem, implementing the morning queue ceremonies on a daily basis, and educating students about the importance of national projects implemented by the state, and that students will start receiving students in official international public schools ips during September 2023, according to the order of attendance schedules for classes at the “level” 20 international public schools.

Supporting international public schools with two teachers

The Ministry of Education stated that international official schools have been supported by teachers, as there are schools in need of faculty members to achieve full stability in the new academic year, stressing that schools, whether international or private, have been instructed to adhere to the prescribed expenses and the natural increase, especially after That international and private schools be granted a decision to increase the density by 10%, provided that private schools adhere to the start date of the study, September 30, 2023.

The number of private international schools has reached nearly 1,000 schools that grant various certificates, including the baccalaureate and the British certificate, in addition to the German, Canadian and American diplomas, which are the most popular. A thousand pounds for some schools.

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