The Ministry of Health organizes workshops on the strategic framework for digital health to improve health care systems

The Ministry of Health and Population organized training workshops and discussion and consultative sessions, with the aim of exchanging experiences, visions, and modern theories on the strategic framework for digital health in Egypt and its development, in a way that contributes to improving Egyptian health systems and raising their efficiency, in cooperation with global health organizations, UNICEF, civil society, and all concerned parties. .

These training workshops come within the framework of the Egyptian state’s vision 2030, that digital health has increasingly become an integral part of modern health care systems and in line with the commitment of the Ministry of Health and Population to provide the best advanced health care services to citizens.

Digital health strategy in Egypt

Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, said that these workshops are a common platform that brings together all the opinions and experiences of partners from all parties concerned with developing the digital health strategy in Egypt, according to specific criteria and controls, with the aim of reaching modern ideas and solutions, as well as reviewing challenges or obstacles and sharing. In developing optimal solutions for them, in a way that contributes to bridging any gaps, and working to produce joint teamwork whose success is attested.

For his part, Major General Ashraf Abdel-Alim, Assistant Minister of Health and Population for Information Systems and Digital Transformation, added that the ministry pays great attention to this digital strategy, whose objectives include establishing a strong digital health governance system to enable the implementation of digital health services in a sustainable and comprehensive implementation that can be expanded, as well as improving Opportunities for population groups in remote and rural areas to access health services, reduce material hardship, as well as improve the availability of data, enhance its quality and consistency, and advance the development, implementation and evaluation of national digital health strategies, in line with the level of maturity in the field of global digital health.

Strong health system

The Assistant Minister for Digital Transformation explained that the digital health strategy enhances opportunities for continuous and easy communication with citizens, in addition to creating a strong, organized and developed health system that will have a major role in representing the Egyptian health system well at the national and global levels, stressing that Egypt is keen to benefit from The experiences of successful countries in this file, studying the motives for success, and striving to implement them, while ensuring the development of these motives to achieve maximum benefit.

Dr. Naima Al-Qaseer, representative of the World Health Organization in Egypt, praised the quality of the Egyptian health systems, and its role behind providing the best health care services to patients, in all places and age groups, stressing that the world organization is committed to providing all means of support in order to strengthen the Egyptian health system, to meet current and future challenges. In order to preserve the health and development gains and achieve Egypt’s vision towards a better life without discrimination.

side of the workshop

side of the workshop

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