The Ministry of Labor: handing over work contracts to people of determination.. and a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian German College in Assiut

The Ministry of Labor received a report from the Directorate of Labor in Assiut Governorate regarding handing over 9 work contracts for people of determination from the governorate to work in private sector establishments, at the Directorate’s general office in the presence of company representatives, as well as signing a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian German College of Technology to train young people in new professions and jobs that qualify them to enter the market. Work to serve the training process within the framework of the rules and controls issued by the Central Administration for Vocational Training at the Ministry of Labor, and in implementation of the directives of the Minister of Labor to the directorates in his periodic meeting with them to intensify work to integrate people of determination, employ them and train them in private sector facilities in the governorates to meet the percentage of 5% of the total workers of the facilities Which employs 20 or more workers in accordance with the provisions of the law, as well as coordination and cooperation with social partners to provide the best training services for young people of both sexes to qualify them and refine their skills in line with the job market needs.

Directorate of Labor in Assiut

Ali Sayed Mustafa, director of the Labor Directorate in Assiut, explained in his report to the ministry that he received 9 people of determination from the governorate in his office in the directorate’s office to hand them work contracts in private sector companies, as part of the directorate’s efforts to list the establishments that employ 20 workers or more and determine the extent to which they meet the percentage. Determined by Law No. 10 of 2018 regarding the care of people with disabilities, following up on these opportunities after their employment and reassuring that they obtain all their rights and entitlements and continuing to work by the agencies affiliated with the Directorate of labor inspection, occupational safety and health and employment, and overcoming any obstacles or problems they face inside the workplace..

The Director of the Directorate added that he signed a cooperation protocol as a representative of the Directorate, with Dr. Ahmed Saad in his capacity as dean of the Egyptian German College of Technology and its representative in the field of vocational training for youth, through which all possible training courses can be made available on the professions needed by the labor market, which is a helping factor for young people to join. With decent job opportunities, as the college includes many workshops such as a mechanics workshop, a hydraulics workshop, electricity and others, in addition to many laboratories, which it was agreed to use as a basic factor serving the training process for young people, within the framework of the rules and controls issued by the central administration For vocational training in the Ministry of Labor, the Director of the Directorate also conducted an inspection tour of a number of workshops to determine the extent of their readiness to serve the training process and reach training to its highest rates and levels, in the presence of Eng. Sahar Malik, Director of Training at the Center and the Administration.

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