The most prominent of which are “Bader”, “Touf and Shouf” and “Trend on the Air”.. The Arab Open University in Egypt discusses graduation projects for “Media” students

The Faculty of Media discussed in Arab Open University in EgyptThe graduation projects of the students of the three departments of the college: electronic media, radio and television, and public relations and advertising, in the presence and sponsorship of the President of the University in Cairo, Dr.

Students of the Department of Electronic Media presented a distinguished project, “Badir”, which is a specialized platform that highlights a group of inspiring individual and community initiatives that encourage public and voluntary work in various aspects of life in Egypt, and encourage individuals and civil society organizations to provide more of these initiatives.

The project was implemented under the supervision of journalist Karem Mahmoud, former Secretary General of the Journalists Syndicate and Assistant Secretary General of the Union of Arab Journalists.

Featured projects

While the students of the Radio and Television Department presented two distinguished projects, which were supervised by Dr. Sameh Khashaba – Assistant Professor in the department. The first is entitled “Sona”. It deals with the rich career of the late great artist “Shadia” and the great artistic works she left behind in the fields of acting or singing. The second project, “Trend on the Air”, is an idea for a radio program that discusses the issue of racing on the “trend”, and focuses on how to exploit the positive aspects of this issue…and exclude the negative side.

In the Department of Public Relations and Advertising, the students presented two projects: the first, titled “Toof and Shouf”, was supervised by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Salam, assistant professor in the department, and presented a rich and interesting tour of a large number of the most important Egyptian museums and monuments. The second project, entitled “Your Way to Electronic Protection”, was supervised by Dr. Iman Osama, and dealt with an important topic about electronic extortion methods, and how to protect against crimes committed via the Internet.

In his opening speech at the graduation project discussion ceremony, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Al-Nasr, President of the Arab Open University in Egypt, expressed his happiness at the distinguished level of student projects.

And the generosity of Dr. Abu Al-Nasr, the members of the jury, awarded them the “University Shield,” pointing out that the participation of a group of media experts in its various branches in the committee “is a great opportunity for university students to benefit from their vast experiences in all fields of media work.”

Abu Al-Nasr praised the impressive level that the students of the Faculty of Information at the university have reached in their projects, which reflects the high-level practical training that the students receive.

Abu Al-Nasr thanked the Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Dr. Nermin Khader, noting her efforts to improve the teaching and training process in the faculty.

For her part, Dr. Nermin Khedr, Dean of the College, confirmed that the distinguished level that the college students showed in their graduation projects “reflects the knowledge and skills they learned and acquired, which enabled them to keep pace with the technological development in the media labor market.”

She added that the Faculty of Media at the Arab Open University has prepared a new list for its three departments, aimed at bridging the gap between theory and practice in the field of media, and ensuring the knowledge and professional qualification of students, and training them on the latest technologies in various fields of media and digital journalism.

The jury included the distinguished artist Ahmed Salama, the great journalist Mohamed Nawar, head of the Egyptian Radio, advertising expert Dr. Jalal Zaki, lecturer at the American University in Cairo, journalist writer and media expert Khaled Al-Baramawy, and advertising expert Mohamed Maher, general manager of a major advertising agency.

Commenting on the projects, the jury praised the efforts exerted by the students in implementing the projects, their reliance on modern technology and new media, and their handling of very important societal issues.

It is noteworthy that the Arab Open University in Egypt is affiliated with the Open University in Britain, and that it follows the quality methods in Britain.

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