The nursing captain meets with the Minister of Finance to discuss ways to improve the conditions of the profession

Today, Dr. Kawthar Mahmoud, Captain of the General Nursing Syndicate and a member of the Senate, met with Dr. Mohamed Moait, Minister of Finance, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance in the New Administrative Capital, to discuss a number of issues and topics related to improving the conditions of the nursing staff.
The Nursing Syndicate indicated that the meeting dealt with the disbursement of some late financial dues, especially incentives for nursing workers in mental health hospitals, announcing that the Minister of Finance responded to all the points discussed, directing the disbursement of the mental health incentive on a regular basis, as it is disbursed every fiscal year and requires approval from the two ministers. Health and financial, directed by the disbursement of the incentive without being bound by any annual approvals.
Dr. Kawthar Mahmoud added that the meeting also dealt with improving the conditions of nursing staff members who work in the Egyptian Ambulance Authority, as the allowance for medical professions and for shifts and night shifts has been doubled without including workers in the Ambulance Authority as they are not included in Law 14 on the medical professions, announcing his response. The Minister of Finance also commissioned Ali Al-Sisi, the Assistant Minister for Finance, to prepare a study to improve and increase the incentives for the employees of the Ambulance Authority.
The Nursing Captain added that the increase in supervisory incentives for female supervisors, supervisors and heads of nursing was discussed, as the recent increase did not include the supervision incentive. In turn, the Minister of Finance said; “This matter requires legislation, and in the first legislative amendment to the Medical Professions Law, supervisory positions will be taken into account.”
Dr. Kawthar Mahmoud said that the meeting with the Minister of Finance dealt with a proposal for nursing directors in health affairs directorates in various governorates and nursing directorates in various bodies such as the Mental Health Secretariat, specialized medical centers, the Hospital Authority and educational institutes to obtain leadership and supervision and not just supervision incentive, announcing the minister’s response to all demands that were presented to him.
In turn, Dr. Mohamed Moait, Minister of Finance, praised the technical role played by the nursing staff, especially in critical and specialized places.
The meeting was attended by Wafa Rabie El-Shazly, Director of the Nursing Department in Menoufia, Captain of the Menoufia Syndicate, and Laila Ragab, Director of Nursing at the Mental Health Secretariat.

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