The result of introducing kindergartens in official schools (experimental) languages ​​2024

The result of kindergarten coordination is being sought by parents as the start date of the new academic year, scheduled for September 30, approaches, according to the time map approved by the Ministry of Education and Technical Education for the new academic year.

Parents of students applying to enroll in kindergarten, in official schools known as experimental schools, search rates rose on Google. The search came for the date of announcing the result.

It is well known that the results of those admitted to public schools are announced in languages, successively at intervals, according to the coordination of the age of puberty.

Parents can inquire about the result of kindergartens in official schools providing languages ​​for the new academic year 2023/2024, through the electronic links to the governorates.

The stage of introducing kindergartens ended at the end of last June, according to the conditions set by the Ministry of Education for accepting children in the kindergarten stage in experimental schools 2024.

The directorates of education, in the governorates, will make available the result of presenting kindergartens in the experimental schools 2024, through their websites.

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Inquiry about the result of kindergarten in experimental schools

Parents can inquire about entering the website of the Directorate of Education for their governorate, during the coming days, by entering the child’s national number, which is found in the child’s birth certificate, then clicking on Search to show details of the result of kindergarten submission in experimental schools 2024, it will appear if you are Accepted or will wait for the next stage.

In the event of acceptance, a code will be sent through which payment will be made immediately, to show all the details of the kindergarten coordination and the school nominated for the child.

Documents required to apply to experimental schools

The Ministry of Education has identified the documents required to submit kindergarten 2024, as follows:

1- Prepare a recent birth certificate for the child and copies thereof.

2- A valid copy of the national identity card of the father and mother, 8 personal photos of the child, size 4×6

3- A receipt (water or electricity) in the name of the father or the paternal grandfather, or a copy of a lease contract in the name of the father notarized for a previous year, and the original for viewing.

4- The health card attached to the application file, with health stamps attached to the health insurance book according to the child’s year of birth, and a copy thereof

5- The presence of the father with the child to present the papers in case of acceptance, and in the event of his travel, the educational mandate is presented to the mother, and in the event of divorce, evidence must be submitted that proves that the educational mandate is for the mother. In the event of the death of the father, the death certificate must be attached with the rest of the documents, a plastic folder.

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