The truth about the statue that took “Mohamed Salah” with him.. “Selfie”

The number of fans of the image of the Egyptian king, as he is called in Britain, the star of the Egyptian national team and the star of the English Liverpool team, Mohamed Salah, who posted it on his personal page from inside the British Museum in the British capital, London, has reached more than one million likes.

Mohamed Salah statue

Archaeological expert Magdy Shaker explainsThat the statue behind which the star Mohamed Salah stands is insideThe British Museum It is a statue belonging to King Ramses II, and this statue was stolen from Egypt and was located in a temple called Ramsion on the western mainland in Luxor. Until 1867, the British consul in Egypt at that time summoned a British acrobat, and with the help of a number of Luxor men, they broke the statue, after which it was put on boats and transported to Britain, and it was called “Magnon the Little” and it is considered one of the most famous statues inside the British Museum.

Salah also put a picture of King Sonsret III of the kings of the Middle Kingdom, who takes a sitting position, in addition to photographing some of the Egyptian antiquities located inside the British Museum, including employees and writings within the ancient Egyptian families.

Shaker added, in exclusive statements to the constitution, that Egypt has a large number of artifacts inside Britain, as there are 110,000 artifacts inside the British Museum and 80,000 inside the Petri Museum.

It is noteworthy that the British Museum is experiencing echoes of the discovery of major theft of a number of artifacts, which current indications indicate about 2000 artifacts subject to increase. According to the British Museum, the stolen holdings are gold jewelry and precious stones dating back to the period between the fifteenth century BC to the nineteenth century. AD and investigations are still ongoing.

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