To ensure the quality and safety of water.. Cairo Water: 1.2 million samples annually from stations and networks

Engineer Mamdouh Raslan, head of the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater, stressed the importance of ensuring the safety and security of the water provided to citizens and ensuring the provision of a cup of pure water, stressing the continuation of sampling from cranes, stations and networks, and dealing with communications that reach customer service centers as soon as possible.

Engineer Mostafa El-Shimy, head of the Greater Cairo Drinking Water Company, said that within a year, one million and 200 thousand samples were taken at the level of Cairo governorate, and the samples proved the safety and security of water, in addition to receiving 3,600 communications.

He explained that the company was able to provide modern equipment for laboratories at a cost of 40 million pounds, and it is fully continuing to implement the latest international systems to ensure the quality and safety of water in accordance with international standards, indicating that the laboratories sector is continuing to update the system for water testing and increase training courses for workers and give them opportunities to complete studies. Scientific.

Engineer Mamdouh Raslan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater, and Engineer Ahmed Enayat, CEO of Al-Ahly Possible for Electronic Payment Services, had signed a cooperation protocol to provide quick and easy means to pay water bills and charge prepaid meter cards through the nearest machine to Al-Ahly possible, which It covers all parts of the republic

Engineer Mamdouh Raslan, head of the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater, confirmed that the protocol comes within the framework of the steps taken by the holding company towards digital transformation, mechanization and development of services in line with the Egyptian state’s vision 2030 and the directives of the Ministry of Housing and Utilities on the importance of digitizing it and developing services, so the company was keen to develop a system Collection and payment of consumption bills for subscribers and charging prepaid meter cards as well, using all available mechanisms and technologies available in the Egyptian market, and benefiting from Al-Ahly Possible services for electronic payment at the level of the Republic.
Engineer Mamdouh Raslan added that this cooperation is in order to activate the pioneering role played by the holding company in digital transformation, facilitating the charging of prepaid meter cards from anywhere, paying water bills electronically for automated meters nationwide, and organizing the electronic collection process.
The head of the Water Holding Company said that the company always seeks to cooperate with all entities and companies that provide technological solutions, directing the information technology department to provide support and cooperation to speed up the provision of services and achieve the desired benefit from them for citizens.

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