Tomorrow.. the coordination site for capacity tests for students of technical diplomas will be opened

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the opening of the electronic coordination website to students of technical diplomas, as a continuation of the schedule for the stages of work of the University Admission Coordination Office for this year 2023, and in light of the admission rules issued by the Supreme Council of Universities that require passing capacity tests as a condition for admission to some colleges.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research said that for students of technical certificates, capacity tests will be organized for students wishing to enroll in colleges that require admission. Passing aptitude tests. These colleges are:

• Colleges of Fine Arts “Architecture – Arts” in universities (Helwan – Alexandria – Minya – South Valley in Luxor {Art} only).
• Colleges of Applied Arts in Universities (Helwan – Banha – Beni Suef – Damietta – Tanta)
And in order to facilitate the students of technical certificates applying to perform the capacity tests this year 2023, it was decided to open the electronic coordination website for students of technical degrees to register their desires to perform the capabilities tests that qualify for these colleges, starting from Thursday 8/31/2023 until Sunday 3/9/2023. The exams will be held in the relevant colleges from Saturday, 9/2/2023 until Monday, 9/4/2023.

Student registration steps to book an appointment for aptitude tests through the coordination website
• The student logs on to the coordination website, then to the registration page and book aptitude tests, using the following:

A- Seating number and password for industrial technical school students.
B – Coordination code and password for students of technical (industrial) institutes diploma.
• The student’s data will appear, which includes (the seat number – the student’s name), and the student must ensure that the data recorded on the student’s electronic coordination website is correct.
• A list of available aptitude test types, faculties, places to perform these tests, and specific dates will be shown to the student.
• The student chooses the type of abilities, and the date that he will go to the college to take the test will be determined.
• After the student completes the registration process, the student prints a receipt that includes the types of capabilities, dates, and places for performing exams in the faculties that the student has registered on the electronic coordination website.
• Students are obliged to perform tests in the college that falls within their geographical distribution (A) and they are not allowed to perform any tests outside this scope.
• The concerned colleges are committed to holding capacity exams, and they enter the results of the exams directly for all suitable students who apply for these exams after verifying the validity of the seat number and the student’s name for graduates of industrial technical schools, as well as the coordination code and student’s name for graduates of industrial technical institutes so that no errors occur in the results.
• The electronic coordination program is provided with the names and data of the students who passed these tests in order to be nominated based on them, and the colleges are fully responsible for these results within the time period allotted for that, as no other results will be considered after the closure of the electronic coordination website to register suitable students in these tests.
• Examinations are held on the scheduled dates once for each of these types of abilities. A student who fails them is not allowed to perform abilities tests again, whether in the same college or another college.

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