Tourism companies: They are committed to the rules of the Umrah season

Basil El-Sisi, a member of the General Assembly of Tourism Companies, confirmed that the companies operating in the field of religious tourism “Hajj and Umrah” are committed to the rules of the Umrah season and the rules approved by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and are ready to start traveling for pilgrims as soon as the season begins.

He said in exclusive statements to “Al-Dustour” that the regulations for this year stipulated adherence to all the provisions of the regulations for the Umrah season 1445 AH so that no company would fall under the law and to preserve the rights and interests of pilgrims and preserve their dignity, in the first place.

Basil Al-Sisi indicated that the controls included not booking any Umrah trips except through licensed tourism companies only, and this aims to ensure the provision of the best services to pilgrims outside the country and so that they are not exposed to fraud by brokers, intermediaries and illegal entities.

In the context, Alaa Al-Ghamry, a member of the Chamber of Tourist Companies, said that all companies have completed the agreements related to the accommodation of the pilgrims, pointing out that the implementation of the programs remains after determining the prices according to the services that will be provided to the pilgrims.

Al-Ghamry added that the ministry’s insistence on the need for the pilgrims to obtain the identification code from the official portal for Umrah aims to ensure the validity of the visa and the safety of the travel procedures for the pilgrims. It also gave the right to tourism companies to contract with the private airline, on the condition that the latter submit a letter of guarantee in favor of the companies throughout the season at a value of 2 million pounds. In addition to acknowledging and undertaking its legal responsibility before the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in the event of any breach, delay, postponement or cancellation of the Umrah trip by the tourist company.

Umrah prices

Hajj and Umrah organizers expect this year that the Umrah prices announced by the tourism companies may differ slightly from last year’s prices, especially the prices for the Prophet’s birthday, as their prices range from 28 thousand pounds to 32 thousand pounds for the economic program, indicating that they are determined Prices are according to the type of program, hotel, and type of services provided to pilgrims during their stay in the Holy Land, whether in Makkah or Madinah.

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