Tourism companies: Tomorrow the start of Umrah procedures

We urge you to stay away from middlemen and brokers.

Tomorrow, Thursday, the procedures for the new Umrah season 1445 AH will begin, as the door for the approval and documentation of Umrah contracts will be opened between Egyptian tourism companies and Saudi agents, through the Egyptian Umrah portal, through the username and password of each From the Egyptian company and the Saudi agent on the portal, and both the Egyptian tourism company and the Saudi agent register themselves on the portal, and complete the required procedures and papers in preparation for the approval of contracts and the start of organizing trips.

The Chamber of Tourism Companies confirms that for the first time in the history of Umrah trips, the season and trips start at this early time, in line with the Saudi procedures for Umrah and in the interest of meeting those wishing to perform Umrah among Egyptian citizens, adding that the Umrah regulations that were recently adopted by Mr. Ahmed Issa, Minister of Tourism And the antiquities include all procedures and rules that guarantee the comfort and safety of pilgrims, preserve their rights, and provide all facilities that enable them to perform Umrah.

The law establishing the Egyptian Gate for Umrah

The Chamber affirms that the law establishing the Egyptian Portal for Umrah has singled out licensed tourism companies exclusively for organizing Umrah trips and programs, explaining that this comes to confront brokers and intermediaries and any illegal channels that try to organize Umrah trips in a way that harms pilgrims, and also aims to implement the state’s strategic plans in the field of tourism. And to ensure the preservation of Egyptian pilgrims and their rights.

The Chamber affirms its confidence in the keenness of tourism companies organizing Umrah trips to abide by the Umrah regulations for this season, and to preserve the rights and interests of pilgrims, and each company strives to provide the best services to its pilgrims.

The Chamber of Tourism Companies appeals to all citizens wishing to perform Umrah not to book any Umrah trips except through licensed tourism companies, to ensure that the best services are provided to Umrah performers and so that they do not fall prey to scams from brokers and illegal entities.

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