Tourism inspects developments in the development of the “Great Transfiguration” site in St. Catherine

Ghada Shalaby, Deputy Minister for Tourism Affairs, went to St. Catherine, South Sinai Governorate; To find out about the latest developments in the project to develop the site of “The Greatest Transfiguration” in Al-Salam City, based on the assignments of Ahmed Issa, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities.

The visit included a follow-up of the full development work carried out by the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, which included the establishment of a number of hotel facilities, including eco-lodges and mountain hotels of various tourist classes, with a total new hotel capacity of about 514 rooms, in addition to hospital centers.

The Deputy Minister confirmed that this project aims to highlight the unique identity of St. Catherine, which embraced the three monotheistic religions, as well as other unique spiritual places such as Wadi Al Raha, Mount Moses and Mount Catherine, which provides a unique spiritual tourism experience for the tourist.

She explained that the ministry intends to promote this project by preparing a promotional and marketing strategy for the city to maximize the benefit from its tourism, archaeological, environmental and spiritual potentials, and to highlight the unique spiritual and touristic places it offers, in addition to the multiple tourism activities that tourists can carry out in a way that contributes to attracting new segments of tourists from Different countries of the world are interested in spiritual tourism and medical tourism.

The Deputy Minister also praised the efforts made to develop the region, and expressed her thanks to all concerned parties in this regard.

During the visit, Engineer Mohsen Saeed, Head of the Sinai Construction Authority, presented the general plan of the development project and the extent of its integration with the nature of the region, in a way that ensures that it does not affect its distinctive character. Distinguished tourist.

During the visit, the Deputy Minister was accompanied by Engineer Mohsen Saeed, Head of the Sinai Construction Authority, Major General Tariq Ebeid, Head of Saint Catherine City, Major General Talaat Al-Anani, General Supervisor of Saint Catherine City and the Great Transfiguration Project, and Professor Mohamed Amer, Head of the Central Administration for Hotel Establishments, Shops and Tourist Activities at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Mr. Hussein Mohamed, Director of the Ministry’s office in Sharm El-Sheikh and general supervisor of the Ministry’s offices in South Sinai, and representatives of the companies executing the project.

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