Tourism recovery in New Alamein and receiving world tourists with charter flights

Sources familiar with the Egyptian Company for Airports and Air Navigation revealed that there has been a tourism boom during the past period in various Egyptian airports, especially the new city of El Alamein.

After the announcement of the Ministry of Civil Aviation to maximize and provide actual incentives and facilities for charter and low-cost aviation, which directly contributed to the tourism boom.

Major General Ahmed Hamdy, former head of the domestic tourism sector and agent of one of the low-cost airlines, confirmed that the state of recovery witnessed by the city of El Alamein came to the facilities provided by the Ministry of International Aviation and the Egyptian airports in the governorates to foreign tour operators, who prefer to work with the charter or charter flight system. When booking flights directly in various countries of the world, it depends on the cost of the flight or the price of the ticket based on the flight capacity and the cost of hotel hospitality only.

He stressed that the El Alamein Festival, which was launched under the title “The World, El Alamein”, contributed to the promotion of international and local tourism indirectly, and showed the city of El Alamein as a global city.

Sources at the Egyptian Airports confirmed that the new city of El Alamein had received, since the beginning of the season, approximately 205 chartered planes.

The sources confirmed that El Alamein Airport received 46 charter flights, in addition to direct and regular flights, since the beginning of the summer tourist season, as it received 17 charter flights coming from Kazakhstan through the Kazakh airline “Skat Airlines”, which organizes its flights from “Almaty Airport”.

The airport also received 29 flights from the Czech Republic. Yesterday, Wednesday, it received 8 charter flights coming from Italy, as part of the foreign tourism groups coming to Matrouh Governorate, from a number of different countries.

On the other hand, the sources confirmed that the new city of El Alamein also receives its visitors through Marsa Matrouh International Airport and El Alamein Airport, as well as one-day tourism.

The sources confirmed that the strategy that the Ministry of Civil Aviation is working on aims to provide airline tickets at competitive prices, whether for citizens or foreigners, by opening the way for low-cost and charter flights, and ending and facilitating all procedures. Globally by providing programs to stimulate aviation and expanding the provision of transportation in many European countries.

El Alamein International Airport

The Egyptian Company for Airports and Air Navigation said that El Alamein International Airport relies on the latest technology and contains all services, in cooperation with major international companies specialized in the fields of aviation and international airports. And commercial and logistic to all countries of the world.

El Alamein International Airport is located on the Mediterranean basin, which also enables it to connect North Africa and Southern Europe in terms of tourism, economy and trade.

During the recent period, El Alamein International Airport witnessed development works that included increasing its capacity to 400 passengers/hour and developing the air field to accommodate 45 aircraft. The expansion of the current corridor was completed to accommodate large aircraft, and a new corridor 4 kilometers long and 45 meters wide was established, and the corridors were illuminated with a new system and linked to the control tower. There is also a cargo village, a ground services and fuel supply station with a capacity of 3 million cubic meters, and an electricity station. The airport garage currently accommodates 400 cars and 150 buses.

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