Upgrading new leaders in 22 government agencies, and training programs in 63 agencies

The Central Apparatus for Organization and Administration begins procedures for escalating new government leaders at the level of 22 entities within the framework of renewing blood within the state’s administrative apparatus and providing an opportunity to benefit from the potential of young cadres in leadership and supervisory management positions.

○ Escalation of government leaders

According to a publication obtained by the “Al-Dustour”, requests were presented from many government agencies to ascend new leaders due to the vacancy of positions, either due to the retirement of their occupants after reaching the legal retirement age, or their promotion to other jobs in the same or another entity.

○ Announcing vacancies

The organization and administration agreed to announce vacant leadership and supervisory positions in 22 entities during the past three months from May to July 2023, namely: the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, the General Authority for Urban Planning, the National Authority Tunnels, the General Authority for Red Sea Ports, the Egyptian Ambulance Authority, the National Council for Accreditation, the National Council for Women, the National Organization for Urban Harmony, the Egyptian Opera House.

The decisions to escalate the leaders also included the General Court of Cairo Governorate and the General Court of Alexandria Governorate, the Directorate of Education in Kafr El-Sheikh, the Directorate of Education in North Sinai, the Directorate of Education in Sohag, the Directorate of Education in Alexandria, the Directorate of Education in Ismailia, the Directorate of Education in Qena, the Directorate of Education in Menoufia. Eastern Province Directorate of Education.

○ Training programs

In the context, the Central Agency for Organization and Administration implemented a number of training programs for second graders in 63 government agencies within the agency’s training plan for the fiscal year to prepare them to occupy leadership positions in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, and the Ministry of Housing. Labour, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Assiut University, Ain Shams University, Forensic Medicine Authority and the Central Agency for Organization and Administration.

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The training programs also included the following bodies: the General Authority for River Transport, the General Authority for Roads and Bridges, the General Authority for Planning Transportation Projects, the National Authority for Egyptian Railways, the Egyptian General Book Authority, the General Authority for Red Sea Ports, the Public Transport Authority in Cairo, the General Authority for Educational Buildings, Damietta Port Authority, General Authority for Supply Commodities, General Authority for Export and Import Control, Menoufia Governorate, Luxor Governorate, Qena Governorate, Sharkia Governorate, Giza Governorate.

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