Vacancies for the second stage 2023

The vacant places for the second stage 2023..the most searched in the past hours after announcing the result of the coordination of the first stage hours ago, where the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Ayman Ashour, held a press conference during which he announced the minimum limits for the faculties of the first stage in its literary and scientific divisions.

Vacancies for the second stage 2023

There are vacancies in coordinating the second phase 2023 for the scientific division, whether engineering or science, according to the statement of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

There are vacancies for students in the scientific section of science, faculties of veterinary medicine and nursing, while there are vacancies in the faculties of computers and artificial intelligence for students in the engineering section.

There are also vacancies accepted by the two divisions in the faculties of Al-Alsun, Economics and Political Science, and Mass Communication.

The names of the colleges available for the second stage 2023

Higher Institute of Administration and Accounting in Sohag Akhmim Arabic / English

The Higher International Institute for Languages ​​and Interpretation in Fifth Settlement (English commerce).

Economics and political science, Cairo

Economics and political science, Cairo, sport

Aquaculture and marine fisheries, El-Arish

Disability and Rehabilitation Zagazig

Disability and rehabilitation Beni Suef

International Academy of Media Sciences (Engineering Division) 6th of October

International Academy of Engineering and Media Sciences (Department of Business Administration)

The Egyptian Academy for Engineering and Advanced Technology, Ministry of Military Production

High Pyramids for Engineering and Technology – 6th of October

Administration, secretarial and computing at the Coptic Girls College in Abbasiya, administration and secretariat

Management, secretarial and computer management information systems at the Women’s College

Administration and secretarial in ancient Egypt

Modern Academy in Maadi Economics, Management and Accounting

The Modern Academy in Maadi, Department of Computer Science and Sport

The Modern Academy in Maadi, Department of Computer Science

Modern Academy in Maadi, management information systems

International Academy of Media Sciences, 6th of October

Modern Academy in Maadi Engineering with fees

High Technological Administration, 10th of Ramadan, Marsa Matrouh

High Technology 10 Ramadan Business Administration

Technology and Industrial Education Suez

Technology and Industrial Education Beni Suef

Technology and Industrial Education Helwan

Technology and Industrial Education Sohag

Al-Jazeera Al-Aali Division of Commerce, Mokattam

Al-Jazeera Al-Aali Computer and Management Information Systems (Division of Systems) in Mokattam

High Island for communication and information in Mokattam

Economic studies and political sciences Alexandria

Economic studies and political science Alexandria sport

Higher Delta for Computers in Mansoura for Management Information Systems

Artificial intelligence Kafr El-Sheikh is a sport

Tourism and hotels exchange education Alexandria

Tourism and hotels exchange education Helwan

Higher Institute for Administrative Sciences Belqas Dakahlia

Higher Institute for Administrative Sciences, Belqas, Dakahlia St., management information systems

Al-Aali Computer and Information Systems U.S. Department of Fifth Settlement

Al-Aali Computer and Information Systems St., Fifth Settlement Systems

The International Higher School for Languages ​​and Translation, fifth assembly

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