“Women’s Nationalists” organizes a camp for students of “tourism and hotels” at the Universities of Alexandria and Matrouh

The activities of the training camp organized by the National Council for Women in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, targeting male and female students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels at Alexandria and Matrouh Universities, were launched within the framework of a project to support and create a safe work environment for women in the tourism sector in Egypt, with the support of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development in Egypt. Egypt and in partnership with the Well Spring Foundation.
The Council indicated – in a statement issued today, Monday – that the camp, which will last for 3 days in Alexandria, aims to train students and educate them on how to support and promote a safe work environment for women working in the tourism sector.
The activities of the camp include holding discussion groups moderated by Samah Helmy, the project expert, with male and female students to learn about their views on the role of working women and the importance of them assuming leadership positions in various fields, and the extent of their knowledge of concepts related to women’s empowerment and forms of violence directed against them, and the importance of the appropriate environment surrounding women’s work.
The camp also includes many activities and topics, the most important of which are how to manage time, planning, personal skills to get work, its values ​​and ethics, and communication skills in a team, in addition to topics of social intelligence and the equation of change.
During the activities of the camp, male and female students will learn about forms of violence against women and present success stories of the Women’s Complaints Office in the Council with regard to dealing with cases of violence against women and girls.

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