Work: organizing an employment forum for graduates of the Higher Institute of Social Service in Port Said

The Directorate of Labor in Port Said Governorate participated in organizing the periodic employment forum that is held at the Higher Institute of Social Service in cooperation with governmental, private and local community institutions and the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency. Including: social researchers, behavior modification specialists, human resources official, administrators, control technician, quality engineers, storekeeper, restaurant equipment technicians, follow-up and barcode technicians, and production workers, in implementation of the directives of the Minister of Labor to pay attention to youth of both sexes and provide decent and real job opportunities in cooperation And coordination with the specialized authorities, in order to reduce unemployment rates and achieve the goals of sustainable development and Egypt’s vision 2030.

The Ministry of Labor stated, in a statement, that it had received a report from Abdel Wanis Abdullah, Director of the Labor Directorate in Port Said, in which he stated that he delivered a speech to the attendees during the activities of the forum that graduates need qualification and guidance to enter the labor market. Training, employment and educating young people and recent graduates to work in the private sector, within the framework of the state’s vision towards qualifying and refining the skills of young people for the labor market and reaching optimal employment rates while protecting and caring for workers’ rights, and providing all capabilities to provide skilled workers who are trained and qualified to join the labor market, as young people are among the Both sexes are the most numerous segment in society, the most vital and active, and they have the energy to give, work, change and develop that drives economic development and leads to increased production. Therefore, qualifying them for the labor market is essential for the growth and development of society.

The Director of the Directorate added that Dr. Abdulaziz Hussein, Dean of the Higher Institute, and Dr. Amani Ayoub, Undersecretary for Environment and Community Service Affairs, attended the forum, in cooperation with governmental, private and private local community institutions and the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency led by Dr. Wael Hamed, Director of the Agency, the National Council for Women and the National Council for Population and Insurance. Lamia Mahmoud, Director of the Care Department, Rasha Tawfiq, Inspection Department Officer, and Ahmed Abu Al-Maaty, Director of the Port Said Relations Office, participated in organizing the forum.

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