13 years imprisonment for a citizen who possesses drugs with intent to traffic

An official source at the Public Prosecution stated that the Narcotics Prosecution has completed investigation procedures with a citizen on charges of possession of narcotics and psychotropic substances with the intent of trafficking.

Investigation procedures revealed that the accused possessed narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances inside his house, and when he was searched, 25 pills of psychotropic substances and more than 40 grams of cannabis were found, and he traded them on a social networking site.

He was arrested and referred to the competent court, evidence of his accusation was presented, and a verdict was issued against him convicting him of what was attributed to him, imprisoning him for a period of 13 years, fining him an amount of (50,000 thousand riyals) “fifty thousand riyals”, preventing him from traveling for a period similar to the period of his sentence, and confiscating the mobile phone used by crime.

The source stressed that the Public Prosecution is firmly proceeding with its strict criminal procedures in all crimes of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, and referring the accused to the competent court, to demand the imposition of deterrent penalties, in order to protect society from this dangerous scourge that threatens security and society.

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