14 children discuss international cinema shows

In an “interactive” applied workshop, the first of its kind in Al-Ahsa, organized by the Cinema Club and the Saudi Cinema Society, within the activities of: “Al-Ahsa Cinema Club Summer”, 14 boys and girls “ranging in age from 6 to 14 years” interacted with “Arab and foreign” cinematic shows, and a discussion of the method of making a non-entertainment movie, from writing the script to filming and directing.


The workshop, which lasted for 4 days, included training children in writing and the art of creating an image, watching specialized films for children and adolescents, and presenting their different points of view to international film director Anis Al-Aswad, a Tunisian. And the lions show in the Children’s Cinema Workshop, which is a rare type in the Arab world, and he is the only Arab director, who worked on 14 feature films for children, long and short.

Film culture

Al-Aswad expressed his admiration for the interaction of children, and the ability of children to select and select shows suitable for their age to watch, and to choose distinguished shows among them, with a focus on choosing films with an appropriate idea, and this was evident from the quickness of intuition for some in this, while respecting all points of view, and giving A large space for children to talk about performances, to cultivate a meaningful cinematic culture, to bring children out of their isolation, and to open dialogue on their various needs.

Knowledge richness

Director Anis Al-Aswad stated that the workshop was able to build a wealth of knowledge of the cinematic industry for children, and give them a space to express their opinions, as a tool to express their ideas in cinematic shows, monitor their most prominent interests in cinematic works, discuss the components of cinematic shows, deal with images in the film, and read the image In the film, in addition to being able to confidently stand in front of the camera to film scenes from a cinematic show, choose the appropriate film topic, which corresponds to their level of intelligence, film scenes to clarify the point of view, and choose characters, expecting that these children will be able in the coming days to make a movie And they can watch the best local and foreign cinematic works.

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