15 days to cancel entry permits for foreign livestock

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has renewed its invitation to non-Saudi owners and herders of camels and livestock, with only 15 days remaining until the end of the deadline granted to them for the return of their livestock to their countries, indicating that it will start immediately after the expiry of the deadline to apply the procedures announced against owners and herders.

Reproduction rate

The Ministry urged the owners and herdsmen of these livestock to take advantage of the remaining period, which ends on 08/31/2023, and expedite the removal of their livestock before the implementation of the announced procedures against their livestock. Which is represented by canceling all entry permits, canceling the calculation of the reproduction rate, in addition to applying the mechanism for exporting camels and live livestock to grazing livestock.


The environment explained that these measures come within its continuous efforts to preserve the vegetation cover, in accordance with the environment system and the national strategy for rangelands. To reduce the danger of overgrazing and the deterioration of natural pastures, in order to achieve the objectives of the Saudi Green Initiative to preserve the environment and enhance the utilization of vital resources in the Kingdom, stressing that interest in and development of pastures contributes to achieving sustainable biodiversity, in addition to mitigating dust storms and moderate weather, in addition to the prosperity of nature. , and reduce carbon emissions in the air, and contribute to the balance and protection of environmental systems, in order to reach a sustainable environment.


Within the framework of the #Protecting_Vegetation_Cover campaign, which it launched through social media platforms, the Ministry noted with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of preserving and developing vegetation cover; He stressed the importance of the contribution of all members of society to preserving the natural pastures in the Kingdom, and working to develop and rehabilitate them, by stopping early grazing, excessive and irregular grazing, as well as stopping wrong practices that harm the pastures. Such as logging and setting fire in places other than those designated for it, in addition to not committing to driving vehicles in the lanes designated for them within the pastures, and not committing to throwing waste while hiking in their places.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry has taken important steps to preserve the vegetation cover and biodiversity in the Kingdom, through the establishment of a number of environmental centers, and the development of regulations and systems that support the protection of vegetation cover, from the damages of early grazing, overgrazing and logging, and contributing to the development of vegetation cover through seed scattering and planting. Wild trees to achieve the goals of Vision 2030.

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