20 million tons of waste in one year

A report issued by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs revealed that the total amount of waste in the Kingdom during 2022 amounted to 20,751,133 tons in 16 regions and governorates, including Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Riyadh, Medina, Jeddah, Asir, Al-Qassim, Eastern, Jazan, Al-Jouf, Tabuk, Hail, Northern Borders, Najran, Taif, Al-Ahsa and Hafar Al-Batin. Riyadh is the highest with 458,388 tons, followed by the eastern region (2,708,604) tons, then Jeddah (2,304,287) tons.

organic matter

Waste was recorded as organic materials (8,677,371 tons), which is the highest, then plastic (2,172,095 tons), then cardboard (1,727,166 tons), followed by metals (896,038 tons), then textiles (642,919 tons), glass (623,254 tons), and others amounted to 6,006,291 tons.

demolish and build

The amount of demolition and construction waste produced amounted to 25,618,434 tons, and the amount of transported demolition and construction waste amounted to 24,651,870 tons. The number of landfills is 383, where 19,081,415 tons of waste were disposed of by sanitary burial, 53,242 tons were disposed of by incineration, and the amount of waste allocated for recycling reached 805,474 tons.

Last year, the number of cleaning workers reached 74,524, the number of cleanliness monitors reached 3,321, the number of automated disposal vehicles reached 1,054, and the number of dumpers reached 2,497.

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