274 violating homes

The Al-Ahsa Municipality implemented, in coordination with the Ministry of Health; During the past two weeks, the Employment Housing Follow-up Committee conducted visits to 21 labor accommodations, to follow up on the commitment to implement the national program for the development of collective housing for individuals, in each of the cities of Hofuf, Al-Mubarraz and Al-Ayun.

The aim of these visits is to assess the examination of the medical fitness of workers and the housing conditions in terms of health and environment, according to the specified standards, regulations and procedures related to the initiative of “organizing the examination of medical fitness for workers and evaluating collective housing for workers in terms of health and environment.”

The secretariat stated that penalties were applied against 274 violating homes during the first half of 2023, and 70 other homes that adhered to standards and regulations were identified through 344 follow-up rounds, in addition to processing 132 incoming reports through the “940” communications center.

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