4 regions do apply school facilities

In a step aimed at automating facilities management and raising the efficiency of continuous operating contracts, the Education Development Company launched an electronic application for facilities management services in Riyadh, Madinah, Jeddah and Al-Ahsa.

The General Administration of Education in Al-Ahsa revealed to Al-Watan that the application was launched on smart phones for school principals in the governorate, to follow up on facilities management services, various maintenance and operation work, cleanliness, and air-conditioning work, until reaching the report’s evaluation and closing it.

3 days

Remote control and smart business analysis are introduced through the application, and all buildings are managed through an integrated central control center that is linked with school leaders and contractors. In Arabic, with the possibility of uploading pictures to explain the situation or problem. The corrective maintenance mechanism was specified for breakdowns, modifications and minor repairs of buildings, equipment and their components, repairing repeated faults, and receiving and closing the communication within a maximum period of 3 working days from the day of receiving the communication.

Facilities services management

01 Hygiene

The cleanliness of the building

pest control

Washing water tanks

Provide manpower and technical

02 Maintenance

Plumbing and electrical systems


Provide manpower and technical

Supply of devices and equipment

03 Conditioning

Carrying out operation and maintenance work

Providing manpower and supplying devices

– Fire fighting

– Examination of fire fighting system pumps

– Periodic testing of the entire system and water hoses

Check the hose reels

Maintain all fire extinguishers

Checking fire extinguishers on a monthly basis

Check the fire alarm panel

Ensure that all alarms are working

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