50 photographs in the Human Gallery

Under the auspices of the Culture and Arts Association in Jeddah, the Director General of the Ministry of Information branch in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Abdul Khaleq Al-Zahrani, inaugurated the photographic exhibition “The Human” held in the Abdul Halim Radvi Art Hall.

Take care of the paparazzi

The exhibition supervisor, Omar Al-Nahdi, explained, “The International Photography Day celebrates all photographers with the photographic visual arts that were made by means of the camera. ), and included 50 artworks and 45 participants from all Gulf countries, and we talked in the exhibition about human culture in fashion, in crafts, and in the natural games that he lives in the Gulf region in general.

important platforms

Photographer Saleh Khokir said: Photography is of great importance globally. It is the essence of visual arts, an archive of memories, and a window through which the audience looks at the achievements of creative talents and their ways of interacting with different cultures and events. Photography exhibitions represent important platforms for exploring aspects of human creativity. Masterpieces of photography The creativity of photographers and their ability to express their passion for this art, which represents a vital tributary to its creative economy, emerged.

Center for culture

Ahmed Al-Khazmari, Advisor and Head of Fine Arts at the Culture and Arts Association in Jeddah, explains, “Every year, the Culture and Arts Association holds the exhibition to celebrate the International Day of Photography, support and care for photographers, and provide them with opportunities and enable them to express their artistic view, which contributes to strengthening the strength of the artistic and creative scene, and achieves the vision of the association.” Aiming at consolidating its position as a center of culture and a meeting place for talents, the exhibition “The Man” was attended by a group of wonderful artists and paintings with a degree of high professionalism.

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