A new study reveals that female doctors are more skilled than male doctors in performing surgeries

In a new study conducted by researchers in Canada and published in the journal “JAMA Surgery” last Wednesday, it included about 1.2 million patients who underwent surgeries between 2007 and 2019, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

It found that male and female patients who were treated for fractures, hip replacements and heart disease by surgeons were nearly 10 percent less likely to suffer complications, such as internal bleeding or infection, within 90 days of surgery compared to patients who were treated by doctors.

This group was also 6 percent less likely to be hospitalized for complications related to surgery for up to one year.

In the study, doctors indicated that the gap in outcomes was due to differences in how patients responded to male and female doctors’ advice.

They highlighted that male physicians were more likely to experience disagreements than male and female patients when advising on weight loss, exercise and a healthy diet compared to female physicians.

On the other hand, a separate study also found that male doctors perform surgery faster compared to their female counterparts.

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