Al-Jaghbir: Purchasing national products for school canteens provides job opportunities

Al-Jaghbir: Purchasing national products for school canteens provides job opportunities

02-09-2023 11:10 AM

Ammon – The head of the Chambers of Industry of Amman and Jordan, Fathi Al-Jaghbir, praised the directives of the Minister of Education to directors of education, the need to consider relying on national industries when carrying out purchases of food products for school canteens, praising the efforts of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply in following up the implementation of government decisions to support the national industry.

Al-Jaghbir added, in a statement on Saturday, that “these decisions contribute to supporting the national industry and increasing its sales in the local market, which allows Jordanian factories to provide new job opportunities for the people of this country, and they also enhance the ability of national industries to achieve His Majesty’s vision of self-reliance.” .

He pointed out that the food industry sector is considered one of the most important Jordanian industrial sectors that have contributed to achieving self-sufficiency in many food commodities such as dairy and its products, table eggs, meat and its products, and sweets. It covers 65% of the total needs of the local market for basic food commodities. Its products are of high quality, and its facility adheres to Jordanian specifications and standards, which makes its products safe and sound when consumed by students.”

The current production volume of the food industry sector exceeds 4.5 billion dinars annually, which constitutes nearly a quarter of the total industrial production, and contributes 6% of the GDP, according to Al-Jaghbir, who indicated that the sector’s exports amounted to about $855 million last year, and about 855 million people work in the sector. 50 thousand male and female workers, of whom 87% are Jordanians, work in 2.8 thousand industrial and vocational establishments, while the fixed assets of the sector’s establishments are estimated at approximately 1.5 billion dinars.

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