Alaa Hamza: Saudi drama motivates creators

Scriptwriter and satirist Alaa Hamza refused to describe the Saudi drama as violent and bold in its presentation, stressing that it contributed to addressing many social issues, and to providing inspiring visions to motivate creators to contribute to the Kingdom’s renaissance.

various types

Writer Alaa Hamza denied rumors about Saudi drama that it relies on violence and daring. He said: “There are different types of works presented during this period, especially from young people who present beautiful works, whether in cinema, television or on stage, benefiting from the support and encouragement of television channels. Who contributed to the production of works of various divisions, such as action films, fantasy, and comedies of all kinds. And he continued: «We have recently seen large and important works, with integrated efforts by television channels, the Entertainment Authority, and the Ministry of Culture, to present Saudi art in a diverse manner, which predicts a brilliant future at the Arab and international levels».

current period

He explained that Saudi drama in the current period is an industry that is witnessing a construction phase according to modern foundations, in which the ambition and enthusiasm of young people who are passionate about creativity contribute to achieving it. He added: “Saudi production is considered at the forefront of Gulf production, and it is a difficult figure in Arab drama, and I believe that this march will lead Saudi works to the world, and be strongly present in many cinemas around the world, according to what we see of the great efforts being made, and the generous support.” Great for local culture and arts, and for the image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

field of literature

He pointed out that the subject and language complement each other in the field of satirical literature, while the written text differs from that of TV drama and cinema, which is written to be seen on the screen, where the image is the most important, while printed literature depends on the word and its formation, and in both cases it is considered « The joke” resulting from a better, more beautiful, and more immersive situation, and it remains in the memory. He emphasized that talent, especially in the field of writing, is not subject to the criterion of encouragement, as it is an inherent blessing in a person, even if he is unaware of it. Therefore, some in the councils are distinguished by their great ability to generate stories and extract sarcastic situations in them, despite their lack of sufficient guidance to develop their skills. to transform it into literature or art.

Book fees

Hamza touched on the wages that writers receive in the field of comedy, and said: “The wages vary from one period to another, sometimes increasing and sometimes decreasing, according to the market and the desired production, and according to the importance of the writer as well, but in general they are satisfactory wages and encourage young people to enter this field to learn This industry, because it is very beneficial for the owner of the talent and for society as well.

Alaa Hamza

Born August 12, 1959

Saudi writer and novelist

Born in Mecca

He contributed to the writing of many Saudi series, such as Share Chat, Between Me and You, and Shadow of the Dream

in poetry

He has a poetry collection entitled (At this time every evening).

His work in drama

2000: The Last Scene.

2004: A Woman Who Doesn’t Look Like the Moon (TV series).

2004: Abu Al-Asafir (series).

2005: My Brothers, My Sisters (series).

2006: Abu Shalakh Al-Barmai (series).

2007: Between Me and You (series), Part 1.

2008: Between Me and You (Series), Part Two.

2009: Jari Ya Hamouda (series).

2009: Lorem Ipsum.

2009: Between Me and You (series), Part Three.

2010: Between You and Me (series), Part Four.

2010: Selim and a dozen harem (series).

2011: okay.

2011: From My Eyes.

2011: The Maid.

2011: The Ghost.

2011: Gooool in the Eighties.

2012: People’s Words.

2012: From the Other.

2013: People’s Words 2.

2014: People’s Words 3.

2014: Driver and maid.

2016: The Big House.

2017: A Second Life.

2017: Shadow of a Dream.

2018: Soul perfume.

2018: Share Chat.

2019: When the moon is full.

2019: The Blood Market.

2020: Passion.

2021: When the moon is full 2.

2022: Sondos.

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