Approval of the budget of Zarqa Governorate, amounting to 11.7 million dinars for the year 2024

Ammon – The Zarqa Governorate Council approved the governorate’s budget for the next year 2024, amounting to 11.7 million Jordanian dinars. The approval of the budget came after discussions that lasted for several days, with the approval of 21 of the 40 council members.

Majid Al-Khudari, Chairman of the Council, confirmed, in a press statement, today, Wednesday, that the budget covered 15 sectors, with a focus on the works, health, education and water sectors, indicating that all eyes were looking towards increasing the budget, to be around 40 million dinars, so that the Council could implement dozens of projects. What the people are waiting for, especially in the field of roads, health and water.

Al-Khudari called on the government to support the provincial councils so that they have a more effective role in society and to take the role entrusted to them that His Majesty King Abdullah II wanted for them, indicating that an amount of one and a half million dinars has been allocated to the water sector, which is a small amount, as the water sector is waiting for the implementation of dozens of projects. Which will be postponed, due to the lack of financial allocations, including sewage projects, connecting the water network to many neighborhoods, and implementing sewage projects in Rusaifa, Zarqa, Sukhna, Dhuleil, and Hashimiya.

He pointed out that the Council seeks to achieve some foreseeable achievements, including: investing the land of the old Zarqa Governmental Hospital (Al-Hawuz) to build an integrated health center with the Health Directorate building, maintaining a number of health centers, and supporting the new Zarqa Governmental Hospital and Prince Faisal Hospital in Rusaifa with medical equipment and devices.

He stated that the education sector is still a faltering sector in terms of construction and additions to classrooms, as the work of the governorate council was limited during the past year to maintaining about sixty schools for an amount of more than 2 million Jordanian dinars, announcing the intention to establish 22 new schools in different parts of the governorate. , for which the necessary financing will be provided through international grants and loans.

Al-Khudari referred to a group of roads and streets that will be maintained and re-established in different regions of the governorate, including roads in Birin, Al-Dalil, Al-Hashimiyya and Al-Hallabat, calling for the importance of partnership with municipalities in order to pave roads (within the municipal borders – outside the borders of the organization), and he also pointed out to The provincial council allocates funds for the maintenance of homes of poor families.

(Petra – Omar Damra)

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