Complaints about the high percentage of indications in date markets

The branch of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Madinah confirmed that public benefit markets are subject to daily control, while violations are caught and work according to a schedule of classification and liberalization of penalties, in response to Al-Watan’s inquiries about the high percentage of evidence in the Madinah dates market and the different methods of bidding in the market.

A number of farmers complained about the high percentage of significance in the date market, which jumped from 5% to 10%, considering that the percentage is very high compared to other local markets in the cities of the Kingdom, in addition to another value represented in downloading and loading, and the reactions of farmers and some interested in dates appeared about What has been published recently about the methods of bidding between auctioneers and some buyers in hidden and unclear ways.

For its part, the branch of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture explained to “Al-Watan” that, based on the regulatory rules issued in item IV, the controls for service providers in public benefit markets, paragraph (g), that there should be no cooperation between it and the merchants and distributors in the market for the purpose of indicating the value of the commodity in the market, and it is now upon the markets They are subject to daily supervision of all shops, stalls, and barns on a daily basis, and the results of the visit are submitted to the market observer according to the plan in force by the market administration. Service in Public Benefit Markets Paragraph (c) to clarify the prices for the services it provides so that it does not exceed 5% on the buyer and work is under way in preparation for the implementation of the decision.

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