Consumer protection for citizens: Do not buy goods displayed in the sun

Consumer protection for citizens: Do not buy goods displayed in the sun

08-15-2023 11:47 AM

Ammon – The National Society for Consumer Protection called on citizens not to buy commodities offered on roadsides and in open shops, especially vegetables and fruits, because they quickly deteriorate as a result of exposure to the scorching sun, because the high temperatures will speed up the damage of these commodities, and thus not benefit from them and incur losses for them, who are indispensable. Especially in light of the difficult economic conditions we live in.

Dr. Muhammad Obaidat, Head of Consumer Protection, called on farmers to take preventive measures to protect products from exposure to sunlight for long periods, by speeding up the process of picking and loading them in appropriate conditions so that they are not damaged and thus subject to additional financial losses.

Dr. Muhammad Obeidat warned of the lack of supply of these products at the expense of the required quantities, because this would lead to a rise in their prices, which would affect the purchasing power of citizens who suffer from difficult conditions.

Obeidat called on the relevant regulatory authorities to intensify their inspection campaigns on all markets in all governorates of the Kingdom in these exceptional circumstances to prevent any shops, stalls or mobile vehicles that display their products under high sunlight, which will negatively affect the validity of the goods offered for use, and that displaying them under direct sunlight The sun reduces their quality, especially vegetables and fruits that do not tolerate high temperatures.

He appealed to citizens not to leave homes unless absolutely necessary and not to buy goods in large quantities because they are available in the markets, and there is no justification for buying, stacking or storing goods because the temperatures will quickly destroy them, and the rush to buy will lead to a rise in prices.

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