Details of the Saudi theatrical performance “Sadiq Al Namak”, participating in the Experimental Theater Festival

The theatrical performance “Sadiq Al-Namak” is participating in the 30th edition of the Experimental Theater Festival, which opened its activities today, Friday.

The show is Saudi and is an interactive theatrical experience that takes place in a radio studio when the veteran broadcaster Aref Yadry hosts the famous character Sadiq Al-Namak in a dialogue interrupted by the audience by acting the roles of telephone calls that present questions or interventions that test the extent to which Sadiq can practice the “lying” name, whose end he writes with approval. Himself.

The show is starring Mohamed Bahr and Ramy Al-Ahmadi and directed by Yasser Madkhali.

The Committee for Watching Arab Shows also selected 8 out of 87 Arab shows that applied to participate in the festival, and the list of selected shows came as follows: Al-Rouba (Tunisia), The Master and the Servant (Bahrain), Sadiq Al-Namak (Saudi Arabia), Ventolin Al-Awda (Palestine) List of Premature Children (UAE), File 12 (Iraq), Ma Yaroush (Tunisia), Nostalgia (Algeria).

The Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater is held under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevin Al-Kilani, and its higher committee is composed of: Dr. Sameh Mahran as Chairman, Dr. Muhammad Abdel Rahman Al-Shafei as General Coordinator, Dr. Dina Amin as Director, Dr. Ayman Al-Shewi as Director, in addition to the membership of: Dr. Ahmed Mujahid, Dr. Asmaa Yahya Al-Taher, Dr. Muhammad Samir Al-Khatib, director Ahmed Al-Buhy.

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