Grendizer experience for the first time in Asia and the Middle East

In the heart of Riyadh Boulevard, the Manga Production Company, affiliated to the Mohammed bin Salman Foundation, “Misk”, is participating in the Gamers8 season with an exclusive exhibition, the first of its kind in the Arab world. The “Grendizer Experience” exhibition provides visitors with a unique immersive experience and an integrated journey within the world of Grendizers. The exhibition is characterized by suspense and excitement, with more than 800 rare pieces that take visitors on a journey through the entire history of “Grendizer”, from the moment of its first appearance to the year 2023. The exhibition “Grendizer Experience” gives an opportunity to delve into the details of the original work and shed light on the French, Italian and Japanese versions In addition to Arabic, the exhibition includes exclusive content mixed between the memories of the beautiful original work and the future of the upcoming work “Grendizer U”.

It is noteworthy that on the fifth of this month, Manga Productions, in cooperation with Dynamic Planning Company, announced the release of the official teaser for the expected new anime series, “Grendizer Yu”, during the activities of the “Akihabara” festival held in Japan. This advertisement marks the return of the popular series “Grendizer” to its fans and admirers from all over the world in an exceptional way, as it reintroduces the main characters in a modern and attractive way. The teaser, which was released by Manga Productions on its social media accounts, was hugely popular, with more than 54 million views and more than 400 media coverage. In addition, the global media reach of the teaser show exceeded 250 million, including prominent media agencies in several countries such as Japan, France, Italy, and others. Next November will also witness the legendary return of Grendizer through the game “Grendizer Space Adventures: Feast of the Wolves”.

Manga Productions provided a unique experience for visitors at the same exhibition, where they had the opportunity to enjoy Smurfs games inspired by the exciting “Smurfs” series, namely “The Smurfs Kart” and the game “Smurfs 2 – Prisoner of the Green Jewel”. These games represent the fruit of the successful partnership between Manga Productions and Microids, whereby an agreement was signed granting Manga Productions full rights to publish and distribute these new games in the Middle East and North Africa region.

As part of the ongoing efforts to enhance audience experience in the Arab world, Manga Productions intends to Arabize these games through its Saudi talents. These efforts reflect Manga Productions’ commitment to providing enhanced games and experiences that provide a high level of closeness and interaction with gamers and fans in the region.

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