Haifa bin Saud: “Failure” does not exist for those who are keen on permanent learning

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Princess Haifa bint Muhammad bin Saud, welcomed the new students at Al-Faisal University in Riyadh, presenting them with five tips, the most important of which is the need to work on discovering the strengths within each individual, work on them, and focus on the things in which they excel.

And she indicated that teamwork at Alfaisal University is a systematic strategy and a center of strength, warning against the saying of failure, calling on students not to pay attention to this term that does not exist, especially for those who are keen on permanent learning, concluding her speech to students, with the need to seek help at all times and fields, Even with regard to the private lives of students, stressing that they will find help from the university team, adding that this year Al-Faisal University receives the largest batch of students in its history, with more than 40 nationalities, noting that this matter calls for pride in the university and what it offers to science, its graduates and their fields of work.

This came in the ceremony held by Al-Faisal University to receive new students for the new academic year 2023-2024, which was attended by a number of parents.

The President of the University, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hayaza, welcomed the new students, wishing them success and success, pointing out that Al-Faisal University, in its fifteenth year, receives more than 4,000 elite students who have the ability to succeed academically, indicating that this matter is related to their efforts. And scientific and behavioral distinction, and these ingredients are what will make dreams come true on the ground, in the university’s faculties, starting from business administration, engineering, law, medicine, pharmacy and science, indicating that this year the university will launch doctoral programs for the first time in its history, after achieving successes And achievements at the global level, and became ranked among the best international universities, because it was founded on three pillars: science, faith and work.

Al Hayaa praised Her Highness Princess Haifa bint Mohammed, Deputy Minister of Tourism, and her role in transforming the tourism ecosystem and developing the tourism strategy in the Kingdom.

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