Hajj Tawfiq: A great opportunity for economic integration between Jordan and Saudi Arabia

Ammon – The head of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Khalil Haj Tawfiq, affirmed the existence of fertile ground and a great opportunity for economic integration between Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Haj Tawfiq said, after the participation of a delegation from the Jordan Chamber of Commerce in the work of the Saudi-Jordanian Joint Committee in its eighteenth session, which opened in the capital, Riyadh, the day before yesterday, Sunday, that the Jordanian private sector is looking forward to achieving economic integration between the two countries, and reaching joint economic unity.

He added that this can be achieved through integration between the economic visions of the two countries in a way that serves their common interests and aspirations towards establishing industrial and trade partnerships, expanding areas of cooperation and agreeing on investments that will positively affect comprehensive development.

He stressed that the ground, conditions and depth of the historical and brotherly relations between the leaderships of the two countries exist and are important pillars for building a new phase of cooperation and coordination between Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the commercial, industrial and investment fields, stressing that the Jordanian-Saudi relations are an example for Arab cooperation in various fields, and it is a bright image that can be built upon to enhance joint Arab economic action.

Hajj Tawfiq explained that the current global economic conditions and difficulties do not require waiting, and require taking appropriate and urgent steps and overcoming challenges and obstacles for the benefit of the economy of the two countries.

He pointed out that Jordan, like Saudi Arabia, today has a clear economic vision through which it can build trade and investment relations and a common industrial base by exploiting the opportunities available in vital sectors that have a competitive advantage and have become a necessary need for the world, especially the food, agricultural and mining industries.

He added that the meetings of the joint committee, which was chaired on the Jordanian side by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply and the Minister of Labor, Youssef Al-Shamali, were successful and there were consensuses and convergence of views and great interest in advancing the economic relations of the Kingdom and the sisterly Saudi Arabia to broad horizons that meet the aspirations of the leaderships of the two countries and in a manner that serves common interests.

He expressed his hope that we would go beyond memorandums of understanding and agreements to what is greater and deeper than that and in line with the level of the relationship that brings the two countries together, pointing out that Saudi Arabia is an important trade and investment partner for Jordan in terms of exports and imports, which was evident during the Corona pandemic, as many food commodities were imported. to the Kingdom from the Saudi market.

Haj Tawfiq stressed the need to activate the joint Jordanian-Saudi business council, as the Jordanian side of the council will soon be reconfigured, as it will be a tool for pushing forward the development of the two countries’ trade and investment relations and building on the achievements made over the past years.

He explained that the ball today is in the court of the private sector after the two governments provided grounds and enablers that facilitate and push the private sector to be the leader of the new phase of the economic relations of the two countries that everyone aspires to through building partnerships and joint investments and exchanging experiences, benefits and information, in addition to enhancing their trade exchanges.

Hajj Tawfiq explained that the indicators of the two countries’ trade exchanges are in continuous development, which is shown by official statistical data, noting that the Kingdom’s exports to Saudi Arabia amounted to 840 million dinars during the past year, compared to about 3.932 billion dinars of imports.

In addition to Haj Tawfiq, he participated in the meetings as representatives of the commercial sector, the President of the Irbid Chamber of Commerce, Muhammad Al-Shouha, and the President of the Rusaifa Chamber of Commerce, Mahmoud Al-Khalayleh.


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