Hankook Racing Team Wins Bronze

The Saudi Hankook Racing Team, led by Captain Saeed Al-Mouri, achieved third place in the second round of the Hill Climb Championship for the 2023 season, which was organized by the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation in the Al-Baha region. South of the Kingdom, with the participation of 55 contestants from various categories.

Al-Mouri participated in the race in a Radical SR3 car equipped with Hankook F200 tires and continued to compete strongly until the end of the race, which was characterized by the difficult terrain that passes in the way of the race. A large turnout of contestants from inside and outside the Kingdom.

For his part, Captain Saeed Al-Mouri explained that the third place is good because it preserves the team’s chances of competing in the overall standings, although ambition was, as usual, at the forefront of the round. This advanced position will be an incentive for him to achieve more in the upcoming rounds of the Saudi racing season, and he continued, saying:

“The competition was strong and difficult until the last moments of the race, which is confirmed by the closeness of time between all participants, and this high degree of competitiveness is due to the great development witnessed by motorsports in the Kingdom in the light of Vision 2030, which encourages the development of all sports, especially motorsports that have been provided.” The appropriate environment for it, and bringing major world championships to be held in our country.

For his part, Mr. Marwan Bin Shihoun, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bin Shihoun Group, agents of Hankook Tires in the Kingdom, praised the distinguished results achieved by the Saudi Hankook Racing Team, led by Captain Saeed Al-Mouri, from successive achievements that translate the great efforts made to make this team always present at the top of the podiums locally. and internationally.

Bin-Shihoun wished the team success in the Kingdom Rally Championship, through which it would continue to assert its superiority in this fun and exciting sport in all its details.

It is noteworthy that Hankook Tires is a major supplier of tires for major car manufacturers in the world such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen and Tesla.

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