Haraj Ibn Qasim resists resettlement

The new Ibn Qasim Haraj in Riyadh is a major destination for the residents of the capital, Riyadh, whether citizens or residents, due to the diversity it contains in the exhibits that are sold. It sells new products, whether it is customizing kitchens or carpets and rugs, in addition to customizing sofas and home furnishings. There is another section of the market in which used products are sold. It was also noted that each item of goods that is sold is controlled by a certain expatriate nationality, and there is no one else who sells This commodity, kitchen and carpet products are controlled by an Arab nationality, and furniture and bedrooms are controlled by a Bangladeshi or Pakistani nationality, while shops selling electrical appliances are controlled by another Arab nationality.

Kitchen customization

Al-Watan monitored, in a field tour, many violations, including the presence of a large number of workers who work for their own account, whether in moving furniture or carpets that are purchased, and that most stores are almost devoid of the presence of the Saudi seller, and everywhere the workers are waiting for the customer who will By transferring what he bought through transport trucks or cars and their own pickups, while one of the customers explained that he detailed a kitchen at a cost of 9 thousand riyals that did not arrive at the agreed time, but was delayed for a whole month in addition to that he did not come with the agreed specifications, and added that he had filed a complaint with The Ministry of Commerce informed him that such problems have nothing to do with them, but are done through the court.


The buyer stated that he had submitted to the store in order to solve the problem amicably, but he found nothing but neglect and indifference, and said that after the purchase he discovered many people who had been defrauded through the existing stores due to the lack of supervision over them and that before receiving the amount they told you that they would detail The best kitchens, but after paying, you will be shocked by the mishandling and recklessness.

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