He robs a bank to pay his rent

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested an elderly man, after he attempted to steal only $ 650 from a bank; To pay his house rent, and avoid vagrancy on the city streets.

Michael Nogen attempted to steal money from Bank of America in Hollywood, Florida, according to a recently unsealed criminal complaint.

The 67-year-old appeared on surveillance cameras while he was waiting for his turn in front of the cashier, and one of the cashiers told him that she would help him in a moment. When the man came forward, the cashier asked for his card, and he replied in a serious voice: “I have a gun. Put all the money in the bag,” according to the newspaper, “Metro.”

At the same time, Nujeen placed a brown plastic shopping bag under the protective glass towards the cashier, threatening her: “I don’t play. I have a gun. Put the money in the bag.”

When the cashier did not see a gun, it began closing the money drawer, and two other cashiers, who heard what the man said, began closing their money drawers, and activated the emergency alarm.

When the tellers began to back away in fear, Nujeen snatched his briefcase from under the protective glass and fled from the bank through the emergency exit in an unknown direction.

On August 24, a guide identified Noggin from bank robbery photos in news reports, and told cops the address of a house in Hallandale Beach Halfway, where he was staying.

In the evening, after his arrest, the man confessed to robbing the bank, in order to collect an amount sufficient to pay the rent for his house, in order not to lose the right of residence there.

The police report said he considered this to be his “last chance to get $650 before he was left homeless.”

Nogin has been charged with “attempting willfully, by intimidation, to appropriate federal money” and will be taken to federal court.

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