High demand for local industry products such as stationery and paper

Ammon – The representative of the packaging, paper, cardboard and office supplies industries sector in the Jordan Chamber of Industry, Muhammad Al-Safadi, confirmed that Jordan has great production capabilities in the stationery and paper sector, which is superior in quality to its imported counterpart.

Al-Safadi said that the demand for locally manufactured stationery and paper products is witnessing a significant increase in conjunction with the imminent return of about two million male and female students to school in the new academic year.

He emphasized that the prices of stationery and office school supplies in the local market are very competitive, and their quality is high compared to imported ones, pointing out that Jordan has large production capacities within the stationery and paper sector, annually covering more than half of the local market’s need.

He explained that the demand has increased during the past days for school stationery supplies, such as notebooks, pens, stickers, bags, and others, pointing to the availability of sufficient quantities of locally manufactured stationery, to meet the various needs and tastes of consumers.

He pointed out that part of the production is exported abroad, at approximately 21 million dinars annually, which indicates the efficiency and high quality of the sector’s products that enable them to compete at the local and foreign markets.

And he indicated that national products face intense and unfair competition in the local market from imported products with a local equivalent, in the absence of protectionist policies for national products, such as reducing customs duties on some school stationery products such as notebooks, school bags and tools, which weakened the ability of national products to compete. price locally.

Al-Safadi indicated that there are more than 121 establishments specialized in the manufacture of paper, cardboard and school stationery, including 3 factories for school notebooks and a fountain pen factory, all of which employ more than 5,000 workers.

He pointed out that Jordan’s total production of office supplies, paper, cardboard and books annually averages 50 million dinars, which indicates that the Kingdom has great production capabilities in the stationery and paper sector.


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