Issuing more than 2.3 million self-employment documents in Saudi Arabia

Statistics of modern work patterns in the Kingdom until the end of the first half of 2023 revealed the issuance of 2,358,000 self-employment documents, 377,800 flexible work contracts, and 115,000 remote employees.

The companies employing remote work reached 7,800 companies, flexible work 7,600 companies, more than 1,674,600 freelance workers, 281 approved professions for self-employment documents, and 47 approved service providers, in addition to providing more than 15 electronic services that were launched for platforms of modern work patterns.

The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Future Business Company, Ahmed Al-Rajhi, confirmed that these achievements have been achieved; It reflects the size of the response to the new changes in the labor market, keeping up with them organizationally and supervisingly, enabling the sons and daughters of the country to work in modern patterns, and investing their abilities and skills to contribute to economic development.

The Future Business Company continues its efforts to launch the service of discounted medical insurance packages for the self-employed, and the partnership with a number of banking service providers in order to facilitate the journey of the self-employed in benefiting from banking products and electronic payments, as well as the launch of the “Med Platform”; To provide sustainable job opportunities that keep pace with the orientation of modern work patterns programmes.

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