James Tedesco’s classy message to Storm after ‘disappointing’ semi final loss

Cronulla Sharks halfback Nicho Hynes is looking back on the side’s elimination final loss to the Roosters as the one that got away after the latter produced a memorable comeback victory.

Hynes was brilliant in the first half of the game but couldn’t help stop the Roosters coming home strong in the second.

”We should’ve won the game if I’m honest, we had plenty of opportunities to and I feel like we could let down a bit with a couple questionable calls but that’s not the reason we lost,” he said on 9news’ coverage.

The NSW Origin representative, who went through the devastation of being dropped after Origin I this season, explained the experience of losing the final will only motivate him. 

“I think it’s just who I am, I’m a learner, I want to be better, I feel like if I hold onto that, hold onto that pain, then it’s going to motivate me a lot going into the pre season,” he said.

Throughout the 2023 season, the Sharks have copped a reputation of a side able to defeat the weaker teams but struggling against top eight sides.

Hynes agreed things need to change. 

“Probably a bit of an attitude adjustment I feel like we need, we could be so good for so many periods and then one week we could rock up and get flogged,” he said.

“You shouldn’t need to get flogged one week to re-adjust and bring your attitudes back in line.

“I feel like every single week the Panthers, Broncos and Storm, they’re consistently good all year round.”

Nicho Hynes has given a raw account of his mindset after the Sharks elimination final defeat.

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