Ministers of Industry and Investment: Great government support for the Business Owners Conference in Amman

Ammon – Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Minister of Labor Youssef Al-Shamali, and Minister of Investment, Kholoud Al-Saqqaf, affirmed that the government will provide all possible support and facilities for the twentieth conference of Arab businessmen and investors, which will be held in the capital, Amman, on October 18.

During their meeting, the Secretary-General of the Federation of Arab Chambers, Dr. Khaled Hanafi, and the President of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Khalil Al-Haj Tawfiq, indicated that the government is keen on making the conference a success. They also drew attention to the reforms that affected the investment and business environment in the Kingdom, in a way that contributes to strengthening the Kingdom’s position by remaining a center for investment and trade. in the region.

According to a statement by the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, today, Tuesday, the two ministers confirmed that government participation in the conference organized by the Union of Arab Chambers, the League of Arab States and the Jordan Chamber of Commerce will be strong, and through the relevant ministries, invitations will be sent to the Arab ministers of investment, industry, trade and economy to attend its activities, as it represents a strong opportunity to discuss Many challenges facing the Arab economy.

And we indicated that Jordan today provides many advantages, incentives and facilities for investors and business owners, with the aim of attracting them and localizing their investments in the Kingdom, through a package of projects offered in strategic sectors with high added value, referring to the many success stories that have been achieved in the country for local, Arab and foreign investments in the sectors of industry, trade and services. business in many countries.

They pointed to the outputs of the vision of economic modernization, which enjoys royal patronage, follow-up, and guarantee, which lays the foundation for building a sustainable national economy during the next ten years, achieving high growth rates, attracting investments worth more than 40 billion dinars, generating job opportunities for youth and increasing exports, referring to the high-value sectors that It included, especially, the pharmaceutical, mining, food, textile and many other industries.

During the meeting, the two ministers were briefed on the latest arrangements and preparations for holding the conference, the personalities invited to attend it, the program, the working sessions and the axes that will be discussed, in addition to holding the first economic summit for the Arab private sector, which will establish an Arab economic union and remove any obstacles to the movement of investment and intra-trade.

In turn, Dr. Hanafi expressed his appreciation to His Majesty King Abdullah II for sponsoring the conference, and to the Jordan Chamber of Commerce for hosting the conference, stressing that it will be a strong opportunity for the Kingdom to present the available investment opportunities and projects to Arab investors.

And he indicated that the conference will focus on defining the investment climate and environment, policies, incentives and modern legislation in Jordan and the Arab countries, to attract investments and contribute to generating and employing job opportunities for young people, which is reflected in the standard of living of the Arab citizen.

He pointed out that Jordan will witness the launch of the “Amman Declaration” for the first economic summit of the Arab private sector, which will be presented to Arab leaders during the Arab Economic and Development Summit to be held before the end of this year in Mauritania.

He pointed out that Jordan and the Arab countries possess important ingredients to attract huge investment projects in various sectors, whether in the technological sectors, or in the sectors of energy, agriculture, renewable energy, the tourism sector and other vital strategic sectors.

For his part, Hajj Tawfiq stressed the importance of Jordan hosting the conference, as it constitutes a large gathering of business owners, investors, the leadership of the Arab private sector, officials and ministers in Arab governments, which will provide an opportunity to learn about the investment climate and environment, policies, incentives and modern legislation in Arab countries to attract investments, through the establishment of a unified investment platform.

He explained that the conference also constitutes an opportunity for Jordan to present, promote and introduce the vision of economic modernization and the many investment opportunities available in the Kingdom, which were prepared by the Ministry of Investment, in addition to reviewing the latest developments in the investment path, especially after the completion of the investment environment law and its instructions and regulations to attract investors.


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