Palm weevil, waste and resettlement await the minister

In light of the upcoming meeting of the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Eng. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Fadhli, with the people of the Najran region, which was called for by the Ministry’s branch in the region yesterday at the Chamber of Commerce headquarters, a number of people presented to “Al-Watan” their demands, stressing their happiness at organizing this meeting with the minister, considering This is a source of optimism for them and evidence of his keenness to listen to them and meet their needs.

Najran reservoir

Many demands of the citizens and the people await the Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Water, and the most important of them, according to what the citizen Fahd Al Abbas said, is the date for the completion of the long-awaited Najran Reservoir project, as well as the projects around it, as the period of its implementation has passed for more than a year, and given the importance of the project in Serving citizens and residents, and he said: We hope that the minister will pay attention to this important project, and that he will oblige the company and the institution that was contracted to implement it and finish it quickly.

Palm weevil

Hussein Al Mansour called for the intensification of tours by specialists to palm farms, which were destroyed by the palm weevil, and to treat this scourge that has exhausted farmers a lot over the past years, and to make this important matter a priority for the Ministry.

expat dominance

Al Mansour called for addressing the domination of the foreign expatriate over the vegetable markets and shops in the region and for the citizen to replace him.

Leakage and waste

Citizens Saleh Al Mushahem, Hussein Yahya, Ahmed Jarallah, Manea Al Yami, Saleh Al Mansour and a large number of residents stressed the need to consider the problem of water leakage and the great waste that occurs through water networks in many neighborhoods, streets and homes, which is repeated frequently and the leaks of many networks continue for several months before Dealing with and not paying attention to the claims and complaints that are constantly raised without looking at them.

The numbers of the desert

The citizen, Hassan Al-Mansour, requested on the lips of remote areas, Bedouins and nomads, that the numbers of the desert be quickly dealt with, maintained and operated, most of which have been out of order for nearly a year and a half or more, including the numbers of Al-Nuqiha, Abu Shadeed, Al-Mhyash, Khabash and other numbers that serve them, their livestock and their camels.

slaughter points

Faris Al-Abbas called for the ministry to pay more attention to the slaughter points by increasing supervision and semi-daily tours, taking into account the high prices, and adhering to a specific price during occasions such as holidays and others, and cleanliness, as well as not allowing the slaughter of large camels that are not edible and sick from them, which are brought by expatriate workers to slaughterhouses and slaughter points.

Dates Festival

The citizen and date trader, Saleh Al Hatwa, demanded that an annual date festival be approved, similar to some regions such as Qassim and others. The fact that Najran is a date-producing region, but the huge tons of the finest types of dates do not find a suitable marketing space.

_____ The finest services

The governor of the Najran region, Prince Gallawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed, noted the keenness of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his faithful crown prince to provide the means for a decent life for the citizen, resident and visitor, and to secure the finest services, and their interest in promoting environmental development, vegetation cover, stimulating agricultural activities, and considering it as one of the economic ingredients, according to For the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, by preserving the integrity of the environment and the sustainability of its resources, and adopting strategies and programs to support sustainable agricultural development and increase the agricultural area, to contribute to food security.

This came during his reception in Badr Al-Janoub Governorate, Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Eng. Abdul Rahman Al-Fadhli, in the presence of agents and officials of the ministry and its affiliated institutions and centers.

Prince Gallawi bin Abdulaziz stressed that the Kingdom has become the focus of food security in the world, thanks to God and then with the wise policy of the leadership, despite the nature of its environment, terrain, weather and lack of water resources in it. afflicted, and its role reaches agricultural countries divided by rivers.”

The Emir of the Najran region was briefed on the plans and work of the ministry in the region and its provinces, and he also reviewed a number of services provided by the environment, water and agriculture system, from implemented and ongoing projects, and services provided to citizens in the environment, water and agricultural sectors.

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